Signs Of Alcoholism That Will Destroy Your Life And Family

Being able to recognize the signs of alcoholism as early as possible is extremely important especially when you think that your loved one might have an alcohol problem. The person can be very skillful at hiding their drinking at first, but alcoholism will interfere with the rest of their life and eventually destroy your family.

Living with an alcoholic will slam your life on its head, so begin looking for the following signs of alcoholism and take action now.

#1: Drinking interferes with work, friendships, hobbies or other aspects of their life.

The person may skip going to school, work, meetings or events and declare they were unwell so the family does not realize that alcohol is the cause of their absence. As the alcoholism advances the interferences become more difficult to hide or deny.

For example, it can begin with missing a day of work here and there and end up with showing up at work drunk or getting fired for alcohol related reasons.

#2: The person loses interest in things that kept them social and happy.

One of the sure signs of alcoholism is the person withdrawing. They may have enjoyed playing baseball previously but suddenly stop attending games and drop out of their team. This is often due to the alcoholic spending more and more time thinking about drinking and getting drunk to the point where it becomes a priority and replaces any other interests.

#3: They burst out or become angry every time you attempt to speak with them about their drinking.

This is one of the first signs of alcoholism that brings the attention of the family members to the presence of alcohol abuse addiction. A generic comment or question about the alcoholic’s drinking patterns can receive an overreacted, uncharacteristic response as they start yelling or lose control.

Alcoholics become very defensive and do whatever they can to hide their drinking and discourage family from discussing the issues with them or becoming involved in any way.

#4: They seem incapable or unwilling to stop regardless of the consequences.

Another of the many signs of alcoholism is when an alcoholic loses everything they loved and still continue drinking as if they do not realize what they have done, or simply do not care. Many alcoholics can get fired from their jobs, isolate themselves from all of their friends, and even cause their spouse and children to leave them.

For some, being left by a spouse or being told by a court that they are an unfit parent can be the catalyst to change. For others, the disease can consume them and they continue drinking unless an alternate alcoholic intervention occurs.

Living with an alcoholic is a struggle and most people have no idea how to deal with the situation. Family members end up with no self confidence from being degraded by the alcoholic and eventually isolate themselves from their friends as they try to cover up the alcohol problem at home.

The emotional impact of living with an alcoholic can be felt for a lifetime, especially in the children of alcoholics.

If you witnessed any of these signs of alcoholism then you must act immediately in order to protect your family from living with an alcoholic later on. You must find out the other signs of alcoholism, learn about alcohol abuse addiction and discover the pit falls that many people get into so that you can avoid them. Doing nothing now may result in you becoming one of the heartbreaking statistics.

If left undetected the signs of alcoholism will develop into a full scale alcoholism. Consequently, living with an alcoholic will destroy your family. Whether the person in your home is just showing signs of alcoholism or you already are living with an alcoholic, keep gathering information to help you deal with the situation.

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